J. W. Power: Abstraction-Creation, Paris 1934


The art of J.M Power was well known in avant-garde circles in Paris but has been largely unseen in Australia, his career equally invisible. He left Australia and didn’t feel like returning often, so unlike Sidney Nolan, Power was able to shake off his Australian connotations. His name is well-known to many students at Sydney University though – the Power Library (one of the quietest and most beautiful) is named after his bequest.

His paintings shout, they are so completely visionary and one could imagine a current exhibition on contemporaryartdaily.com devoted to him. A mixture of bizarre strapwork and pattern, one is reminded of Peter Saul being put through the blender with Frank Stella. Viewing his paintings IRL is wonderful, however, as a fan, this monograph describes the Paris scene in the 1930’s, friendships and studies he made for paintings. You can’t find this info on the internet!

Publication date: 2012

Publisher: Power Institute

Details: Hardcover. 116pp.

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