Irina Ionesco


“The painted flesh of these bodies glow in the depths of baroque chambers, among wild furs and suggestive statues. Poets of the Decadent School get drunk on adulterated spirits procured for Europe by slave-ship captains. Languid courtesans smoke opium, sprawled on couches that favour visions and reverie”.

Never have we heard a more perfect introduction. Setting the mood so vividly for French photographer Irina Ionesco’s goth-rococo fetish images is André Laude, the anarchist poet, who was once described as the "black sun of poetry." Indeed this book and all it contains is enveloped in darkness, yet Ionesco has a sunnier outlook to her work. In fact, she counters that, "Eroticism is life, the contrary of death."


Publication date: 1979

Publisher: Bernard Letu Editeur

Description: Softcover. 1st Edition. Text in French and English. 77p.

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