Industrial Landscape


By David Plowden.

Oil refineries and abandoned steelworks, nuclear generators and limestone crushers, flour mills and slaughterhouses. These are the sites of Chicago’s industrial might. From the perspective of photographer David Plowden, they metaphorise the magnitude and impact of the greater American industrial project.

Although co-published by The Chicago Historical Society, Plowden’s approach to these environments is not commemorative. Rather he appears intrigued by the notion of physical transformation, whether the manipulation of land for industrial purpose or the morphing of factory employees into automatons. It is the images of these latter workers that carry the most impact, standing by their machines or on the stoops of their South Chicago homes—a moment’s rest from the production line.

Publication date: 1985

Publisher: The Chicago Historical Society in association with W. W. Norton & Co.

Description: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. 148p.

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