Iggy Pop: I Need More I Need More


By Iggy Pop and Anne Wehrer. Foreword by Andy Warhol.

William Burroughs described this book as “the story of a man who stands up to tell the truth in a house full of lies…bridging the schizophrenic gap between fact and public image.”

This is Iggy Pop, subverter, corrupter, god and family man, in his own words. I Need More is a collection of autobiographical stories covering all topics imaginable, from head lice to masturbation and all the traditional American values in between. Interspersed with song lyrics, original drawings and iconic images from the likes of Andrew Kent and Robert Mapplethorpe, this rare first edition is a necessary addition to your collection. Trust us—you need it more now than you ever did before.


Publication date: 1980

Publisher: Karz-Cohl Publishing, Inc.

Description: First edition. Softcover. 127p.

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