How to Decorate a Dump


By Philip Almeida.

Let's face it, most Sydney-siders live in total dumps. We're forced to live in overpriced, tacky places - either because we're astute enough to realise that "tacky" can be chic, or simply because we have nowhere else to go. This book deals with this very problem. Drawing on years of professional experience, excellent design sense (seriously, the pics we're showing you are NOTHING compared to the rest of it) and good old streetwise common sense, the author teaches us how to transform even the ugliest, most substandard apartment / house / industrial space into a comfortable and cleverly decorated home. IT IS NOT a "how-to" book in the usual sense. Instead, it aims to teach you how to make the most of what you have, how to re-think, how to "re-see", how to conceptualize. All in all, it'll show you how it easy it is to be your own designer.

Publication date: 1983

Publisher: Mainstreet Press

Details: Hardcover. 1st Edition. 143p.

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