Houses Architects Live In


By Barbara Plumb.

We love a self-explanatory title. It makes life easier, sure. But don't think you know what the article's about just because you read the headline! Houses Architects Live In is probably one of the most interesting and fantastic architecture books you'll likely come across and goes deeper than it's title leads us to think.

The author explains: "Why should houses architects live in be singled out in a book? Of what significance are their precedent setting designs to someone who quite possibly will never be able to afford a custom-designed house, or to someone with middle-of-the-road rather than avant-garde tastes? Simply this: architects' own houses generate many of the ideas that ultimately filter down to influence the spaces, colour schemes, furnishings and objects that you and I live in."

These homes are the real deal. The pure, unadulterated, personal designs of the modern day masters. And boy are they a drool-worthy sight to behold!

Publication date: 1977

Publisher: Penguin

Details: Softcover. 168p.

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