High-Tech: The Industrial Style and Source Book for the home


By Joan Kron & Suzanne Slesin. Designed by Walter Bernard 

Gym lockers in the bedroom, factory lamps over the dining table, detection mirrors over the dressing table, movers’ pads for upholstery, Con Ed guardrails for towel racks, I beams for end tables, steno chairs for dining chairs, supermarket doors swinging into the kitchen, warehouse shelving in the living room, scaffolding beds, test tube for bud vases --- this is heavy duty home furnishing!

Neither funky nor pie-in-the-sky, High-Tech is meant to do more than sit there on a coffee table looking pretty. It is organised logically according to your design problems, from structured elements for renovations to systems, storage, furniture, materials, lighting, hardware, kitchen and bathroom appliance, and finishing touches.

Publication date: 1978

Publisher: Clarkson N. Potter

Details: First printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. 286pp.

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