H. R. Giger N. Y. City


We couldn’t believe our eyes either – this book is dedicated to the Australian Occult historian Neville Drury and his wife Susan, from no other than the Demon of Fantastic Art, H.R Giger! How is this possible? Perhaps fate brought this book into our world.

You can always find something new in a H.R Giger book, this one contains a bizarre account of H.R Giger freaking out that someone might rob, or kill him while visiting NYC for his exhibition – N.Y City. The discovery that all of his organic-techno cityscapes were created through the medium of airbrush, that makes perfect sense. But, it is the organico-uncanny printed bodysuits designed by H.R that we really want to possess!

Publication date: 1981

Publisher: Ugly Publishing Zurich

Details: RARE. First Edition. Signed by the artist to Neville Drury. Large format, unpaginated.

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