Gerard Malanga: Screen Tests, Portraits, Nudes 1964-1996


Best known as a founding pillar of Andy Warhol's factory, Malanga worked closely with Warhol during the 60s and was involved in all phases of Warhol's creative output in silkscreen painting and filmmaking. He's also a talented poet and photographer in his own right and has shot so many iconic images you probably wouldn't  know about. The cover of Iggy Pop's the Idiot? Malanga. Patti Smith on the 68th Street Subway? Malanga. This book is a kind of retrospective that collects some of his work from '64 to '96. But this guy was so prolific, it's almost a drop in the ocean. Come on publishers, where's the definitive monograph Malanga deserves?

Publication date: 2000

Publisher: Steidl

Description: Hardcover with dust jacket. 199p.

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