Gefühl und Schärfe: Fotos für die TAZ


Translation: Feeling and Sharpness: Photos for the TAZ

Edited by Ernst Vollard under the collaboration of Carla Neumann.

The TAZ is short for Die Tageszeitung “The Daily Newspaper”, a cooperative-owned German daily newspaper administrated by its employees. Founded in 1978 in Berlin as part of an independent, progressive and politically left-leaning movement, the magazine is wholly owned by its members.

Feeling and Sharpness contains over 400 photos of taken by German photographers in the period between 1978 – 1982.

Protests, punks, Polizei, DDR landscapes, dancing, graffiti, workers and kids all these are subjects for the TAZ photo-journalists. A portal back in time to another Berlin, before gentrification and the internet. Lost moments shot by female photographers including Hermine Oberück and Carla Neumann.

Publication date: 1985

Publisher: Frölich & Kaufmann Verlag Berlin

Description: Softcover. 320p.

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