Furniture in 24 hours


By Spiros Zakas and his students at Parsons School of Design.

Oh man, this book is out-of-control! Banana lounges that are actual giant inflatable bananas, mop art lamps and origami tables, these visionary designs are far-our, yet still as fresh and contemporary as they were when they were first created. In the words of the Author - the brilliant, super-progressive 70's designer Spiros Zakas: "From the sculpturesque to the classic, from the fantastic to the witty, this is furniture to delight the eye, pamper the pocketbook, and simplify your life." Every design you see here can be made inexpensively using materials like plywood and foam rubber, and comes with instructions so easy - it's like following a recipe! So say bye bye to IKEA and hello to making your friends jealous with your home's sweet new makeover.

Publication date: 1977

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Co.

Details: Softcover. 128p. 


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