The New Architecture and Interior Design from Los Angeles.

By Tim Street-Porter.

There are books on LA Interiors and then there’s THIS book on LA Interiors. Of course it’s a stand out – the author is responsible for this brilliant title! A collection of “new-wave”, you could almost call it: Architectural Sculpture. So radical, so visionary are these homes. From Frank Gehy’s pink house in Santa Monica to Eric Owen Moss’ exaggerated modernist residence in the Palisades to Peter Shire’s super graphic, pastel painted house in Echo Park. These interiors are like none you’ve ever seen or could even imagine. They are bright, lively and full of humour like the best homes. Such a refreshing world away from the slick, minimalist, void-of-all-personality interiors we see in every coffee table book being published today.

Publication date: 1986

Publisher: Steward, Tabori & Chang

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. 240p.

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