Fellini's Satyricon


Edited by Dario Zanelli. Translated by Eugene Walter and John Matthews.

Freely adapted from Petronius Arbiter's Roman classic of the cruel and degenerate age of the Ceasars, Fellini's absolutely insane take, is a vast fresco of the pleasures and vices of the world. A disturbing and unflinching portrait of amoral youth and debauched elders – in a surreal and dreamlike Roman landscape – it's a film that has to be seen to be believed (after-dinner vomit anyone?). Included in this book-of-the-film are fantastic stills alongside the screenplay, as well as an interview with Fellini by the author Alberto Moravia.


Publication date: 1970

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Details: 1st Printing. Softcover. 280p.

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