By Cynthia Macadams.

We are completely blown away by this book. Put simply, it is a book of photographs of women. Women who are strong, beautiful, intelligent, funny, angry and tough. Some are known (Hello Lily Tomlin, Patti Smith, Gloria Steinem, Susan Tyrell and Mary Ellen Mark) others not so much. There are homeless women, hippie women, well-to-do women. In her introduction to Emergence, Kate Millett writes: They’re a new kind of woman. You haven’t seen them before. Neither have I. At least not in pictures. A new breed of us just coming into being, never recorded till now, never noticed, given a name…. Plenty of reasons why: the times changing, women rising, moving, shouting, demanding with determined eyes. How much more powerful then, the eyes they turn on each other and themselves. These women, these avatars. They do not conform…. Strong. Beautiful for themselves. Or even each other.” This is a book that is as relevant as ever. 

Publication date: 1977        

Publisher: Chelsea House

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 120p.

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