Die Anderen Frauen - The Other Women


By Barry Kay.

This documentary portrait collection is a sensitive study of transgender women living throughout Sydney in the 1970’s. The book was way ahead of its time. Maxine, Angelique, Edwina, Robbie, Sandra and many more trans women were captured by Barry Kay’s compassionate and interested eye. Outsiders, outliers, glamourous and homely, working and surviving. The portraits balance the socio-anthropological subject of the lives of others with beautifully shot black & white photography.

Barry Kay’s life story also just kind of blows your mind. Starting his creative life as a composer, then working as a painter, designer, he was not only a documentary photographer but an adventurous and unique set designer for ballets and operas throughout the world.

Publication date: 1976

Publisher: Verlag Dieter Fricke

Description: German edition. Forward in German. Unpaginated

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