Desert Designs: 26 Knits by Aboriginal Artists


The most authentically Australian book on knitwear we've come across, drawing its inspiration from Aboriginal artists: Jimmy Pike, Doris Gingingara and Deaggiddit. These designs are bold and colourful – reflecting the artist's relationship with the land, their nomadic lifestyle and the spiritual realm known as 'The Dreaming'. The book also includes patterns for sweaters, cardigans and vests which are suitable for knitters of all standards.

The Desert Designs company was founded in the early 80's by art teachers Stephen Culley and David Wroth in collaboration with artist Jimmy Pike. It was relaunched in 2011 by Stephen's daughter Jedda-Daisy Culley and her friends Caroline Sundt-Wels who continue this fantastic tradition with contemporary designs.

Publication date: 1990

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Details: Softcover. 103p.

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