David Hicks: Living With Design


“I like rows and rows of tonic water bottles, apple and tomato juice, two of three syphons of spirits lined up behind each other; it gives a generous, welcoming atmosphere, and if a bus-load of friends does descend upon you, you are ready for them.” Ahh… David Hicks, the man of flawless style and taste. A man after our own heart. This here is a beautiful produced tome about his ideas, principles and opinions on everything from what makes good taste, brainstorming in the bath, the colour of doors and every tiny detail in between. A hard-to-find book now and no wonder – it’s amazing we don’t want to keep this in our personal collezione!

Publication date: 1979

Publisher: William Morrow

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. 287p.

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