David Byrne: True Stories


By David Byrne. With photographs by William Eggleston, Len Jenshel, Mark Lipson, and David Byrne.

Movie making is a trick. Songwriting is a trick. Maybe this movie can be a trick and show you how the trick is done at the same time. Maybe this book can do that too.

Described as “60 Minutes on acid”, David Byrne’s 1986 film True Stories is a rambling survey of Texan culture featuring characters and songs based on stories from tabloid newspapers. The result is an eccentric fable caught somewhere between the dusty roads of the Chihuahuan Desert and the glitzy over-consumption of the Dallas elite. This book features the film’s complete, annotated screenplay as well as storyboards, song lyrics, tabloid clippings, stills and candid set photography from the likes of William Eggleston. This is David Byrne revealing his tricks—somehow more intense and overwhelming than if he’d kept them to himself.


Publication date: 1986

Publisher: Penguin Books

Description: First edition. Softcover. 191p


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