Creating with Paper


“Basic Forms and Variations”

By Pauline Johnson.

Aieee! This book is crazy! If you’re a paper nerd you will be salivating so hard the paper will get all soggy and you’ll have to chuck it all in the recycycling. OK dumb joke, but we’re warning you – this book is heavy duty. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert is not important – it’s aimed at one and all. Material, tools and techniques are all discussed. Cool. But it’s the endless bounty of illustrations that will stimulate ideas, and that’s what counts. All the classic holiday decorations are here: Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas decoration etc. But the best are the experimental projects: stand-up constructions, moving forms and geometric solids, to name a few. Ugh! We have too much to say about this incredible book, but it speaks for itself. 

Publication date: 1960

Publisher: Nicholas Kaye

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