Working Cats


By Terry Deroy Gruber.

Hello everyone! Why don't you get off the internet and pick up this book? You'll be doing exactly the same thing you're already doing anyway, except you'll feel smarter. That's what turning the pages does to you. And what better way to increase you IQ level than perusing this fantastic book of cats snoozing on the job? Here's how good it is: there's a cat called Brandy whose highly skilled in the art of surveying rows of bottles in a liquor store. There's also a cat called Pinocchio who, naturally, lives in a Puppeteer's studio (this cat helped his owner out by destroying several marionettes). And here's the icing on the cake: two cats - one called Maraschino Cherry and the other called Misbehavin' - their owner runs a porno film company and says: "The only thing pornographic about those cats is their deep-throated purr." 

Cats. Can't live with them, can't fire them!

Publication date: 1979

Publisher: Lippincott

Details: Softcover. 176p.

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