Claes Oldenburg


By Barbara Rose

People forget sometimes, but at Big Ego we like to remember those on the fringe. Oldenburg, although not exactly on the fringe of popular culture, that is what his work was about, nonetheless, when reading this incredible book on his life and work, one sees the incredible influence he has had on contemporary artists. He is about due some major attention, so we’re calling that Claes will make a big comeback in 2016.

The publication was produced in an odd form, but one that is refreshing to read, because it’s wide like a giant postcard. And so many wild pictures of the New York art scene, we didn’t know anything about Pat Oldenburg, but within this book it is revealed that her contribution to art was remarkable. But she was also so helpful to Claes art, although she was never recognised much for that. Sidenote - after Pat broke off with Oldenburg she got into a relationship with Richard Hell, and she was about 15 years his senior!

Publication date: 1970

Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Details: Wide format. Paperback. 221 pp.

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