Children in the Built Environment


"Guidelines for planning and design"

By James Barnard.

An interesting and eye-opening publication about urban planning and architectural design with the child in mind. Written in laymans terms, it covers so much ground for it's mere 63 pages and addresses everything from the social and intellectual development of kids, types of play, land uses (including in the bush), access for kids with disabilities, child safety... my god, there's even a section on design solutions to protect against child molesters!

Best of all, it asks questions that most city planners would NEVER ask themselves. Like, 'Does the playground equipment encourage co-operation among children? How can children add to it or modify it?' Just look at the depressing, plastic kid-proofed "playgrounds" of 2018 and imagine having to hang out there yourself. No thanks! For real. This report was published in 1980 but the approach is so much more progressive than today. 

Publication date: 1980.

Publisher: Georgian House (Melbourne)

Description: Spiral bound. Torn piece off title page. 63p.

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