Carlo Mollino: Architecture as Biography


What’s up with Carlo Mollino? Was he is an actual genius? He reminds us of Leonardo Da Vinci with all his out-of-control talents. Okay: Mollino was an avid photographer, an inventor of ski techniques, student of the occult, a stunt flyer, race car and plane enthusiast and a visionary architect and furniture designer. Phew! Sometimes marginalised in architectural history as ‘enigmatic’, ‘erotomaniac’, and ‘dangerous’, Mollino could never be pinned down, unless he actually got 'pinned' down.

Drawing on Futurism and surrealism; the architecture of Mendelsohn, Corbu, Aalto, and Gaudí, Mollino produced enigmatic, sculptural furniture, buildings, and interiors that were always out of step with his Italian contemporaries. With his most important buildings and interiors are sadly demolished, all that remains today of his work is his eccentric furniture, which is influencing the new guard of contemporary artists working with furniture as an artform, i.e. not an applied art.

Publication date: 1987

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Details: Scarce. Softcover. 160 pp.

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