Boys will be Boys

Edited by George S. Martin and Ronald C. Nelson.

From the book's dust jacket:

“Just look at them – revelling in the sunlight, bursting with life in the sea, on the land and in the wide open air. Irrepressibly, carelessly joyful, here are boys living as only boys know how to live.

Each of the hundreds of photographs in this book is a superbly sensitive image of magic moment from boyhood. Literally tens of thousands of photographs were combed from the files of the world's outstanding camera srtists to produce this collection – and the result is an art volume in a class by itself. Any parent, educator, social worker – anyone who enjoys boys and the fun of boys – will treasure these magnificently reproduced photographs... will return to them again and again. For this haunting yet happy book is a permanent celebration not only of boyhood, but of the eternal springtime of the human spirit.”

Presented without comment.

Publication date: 1966

Publisher: Book Adventures, inc.

Details: Rare. Hardcover with dust jacket. Oversize. 256p.

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