Black Males


By Robert Mapplethorpe.

Introduction by Edmund White.

“The texture of black skin is something that excites me photographically maybe as well as other ways . . . There was a reason that bronzes are bronze. The subtleties of skin tone somehow are more refined.”
—Robert Mapplethorpe 

Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographic study of black men is as controversial now as it was in 1980, when it was first exhibited at Galerie Jurka, Amsterdam. This body of work (pun intended) is astounding, beautiful, thought-provoking and problematic – all in all, a terrific conversation piece and undoubtedly a prized item for the collector of homoerotic photobooks and ephemera. 

Publication date: 1980

Publisher: Galerie Jurka

Description: Softcover. 1st Edition. Rare exhibition catalogue. 52p.

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