Bewitching Jewelry: New Modes in Occult Charms


By Carl H. Giles and Barbara Ann Williams.

This book brings together Big Ego’s two obsessions at the moment – The Occult and Jewellery!

This book is very NOW.

Learn what well-dressed witches are wearing --- and why! Rip away the ritual robe and peak at the pendants, bracelets, rings, and necklaces of witchcraft.

Amulets and talismans are among the most powerful of all psychic baubles. Mysticism is universal, and amulets are common to all people. Did you know, that talismans act more as lures to make things happen, and amulets act as shields to safeguard the wearer from misfortune?

Should you wear a certain item to stop gossip? Will the piece of jewellery and the right words really get rid of a headache? Is it possible for some occult jewellery to increase your confidence? We have no idea why we are selling this book, because we need answers!

Publication date: 1976

Publisher: S. Barnes and Co.

Details: First Edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 159 pp.

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