Berlin-Kreuzberg Stadtbilder


By Michael Schmidt

Kreuzberg is a suburb that encapsulates what it is to live in Berlin – an island of personal liberty within Germany. Michael Schmidt’s portraits distill the essence of a particular culture of Deutschland in the 1980s.

Not much has changed.... Kotti U-Bahn where every entrance is constantly closed for renovation. Where you find sunflower seeds strewn on the cobblestones surrounding park benches. A place to people-watch, drinking Sternburgs late into the night at corner späti.

May Day protests. People rolling cigarettes as they ride their bikes down Oranienstrasse. Old punks gathering around Franken Bar. Playing the jukebox at the Rote Rose till 7 am in the morning. Discarded bikes chained to poles for 10 years. This is the perfect photo-book for anyone who loves Berlin, for its flaws and freedom.

Publication date: 1984

Publisher: publica

Description: Hardcover with dust jacket. Scarce. 1st Edition. 80p.

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