By Stephane Duroy.

Berlin gets under your skin. Berlin is a city that has lived through extreme brutality and intense hedonism. The history of the Wall and the people who lived either side is fascinating to look at, even if you have never lived there before.

The photographer spent 7 years photographing the city, from 1979 – 86. Therefore, the punks in this book are the real deal. You can still find third generation punks hanging outside Franken Bar on Oranienstraße, but it’s not really the same, it’s sentimental. Looking through this book you also understand the emotional pull of that city – the flohmarkts in the dead of winter, the outdoor Biergartens on everycorner, bombed out buildings, cheap cigarettes and political graffiti covering everything.

Publication date: 1986

Publisher: Merehurst Press London

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 127 pp.

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