Bedrock City


By Todd Oldham. Essays by Michael Graves.

In 2008, the brilliant Todd Oldham studio put out 4 “magazine monographs” in series called Place Space, Featuring fantastical rooms and surreal landscapes, each publication explored innovative places and the uncommonly devoted people that created them. One issue was on John Waters' incredible home and book collection (one of our favourite books of all time ever) and this equally awesome issue on Bedrock City: a Flintstones themed amusement park, located somewhere between Las Vegas and Arizona, just a few miles from the Grand Canyon. The prehistoric fictional town, with 3D replicas of everything from the bird beak record player to the car that Fred runs to work, was built by a team of 30 hippies in the mid 1970s and is a design marvel. I was lucky enough to stumble upon it a few years ago on a roadtrip across America and was sad to see it in a state of abandon. Oldham, thankfully, was genius enough to preserve it on film for posterity.


Publication date: 2008

Publisher: Ammo

Details: Softcover. Oblong format. 1st Edition. Upaginated.

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