Artists Design Furniture


By Denise Domergue.

Have you ever seen a chest of drawers made from varnished fish? Have you dined on a glowing onyx slab? From the spare minimalism of Donald Judd to the animalistic coffee tables of Judy Kensley Mckie, this book contains over 200 images of iconic furniture designed by contemporary American artists.

But this is no typical survey. There will be breathtaking lamps and eccentric chaises that you have not seen anywhere before. Alongside these images, each featured artist provides a personal anecdote about their first encounters with furniture design, many heartfelt and some bizarre.

Compiled by art conservator Denise Domergue, this book was a crucial archival step in the recognition of 1980s décor as art object.

Publication date: 1984

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Details: First edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 176pp.

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