Art-Action and Participation


By Frank Popper

An art book published in the mid-70’s that (given the current political climate) is as relevant now as ever. Encompassing land art, conceptual art, installation, performance, poetry, music and poster art (including wall and subway art), it analyses theories of audience participation to show how they might be models for creative action by all. Cited are artists and groups such as John Cage, Carl Andre, Archigram, Jean Arp, Steve Reich, Christo and Jean-Claude, Black Panther Movement, Gilbert and George, Victor Vasarely, Living Theatre, Name June Paik and Metamorphosis. It is a challenging statement on Democratic Art and an important contribution to our understanding of its roots, its future and the future of society.

Publication date: 1975

Publisher: Studio Vista

Description: Hardcover with dust jacket. Very rare. 296p.

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