Andrea Branzi: The Complete Works


Foreword by Germano Celant

The godfather of the Italian 1980’s design mafia (although Carlo Mollino would of crushed his armchair legs into a pulp) – Andre Branzi must have NEVER slept.

Wow, how can I one person make so much brilliant work?

As we say at Big Ego, put down your phone, get to work.

But! No one will ever be as good as these Italians in their hey day.

So much beauty, how can we handle it?

Carpets, chairs, ceramics, fashion, jewelry, painting, curtains and….. BOOO! We want to make our own versions, but we will never have the Italian skills.

Only through books can we feel closer to this kind of amazing cosmic beauty.

Publication date: 1992

Publisher: Thames and Hudson

Details: Softcover. 199 pp.

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