Alchimia: Contemporary Italian Design


By Kazuko Sato.

“Farewell to masculine projects. The architecture of the future is bisexual.” So proclaim the members of late-20th century Italian design group Alchimia. In an age of excessive meaningfulness, they operated in despecialisation – the methodology of confusion and the melding of the normal and abnormal.

Edited by Japanese industrial designer and academic Kazuko Sato, this confetti-flecked book collates the group’s disparate works, both finished and incomplete. Neon armchairs sit alongside imagined buildings, absurd eveningwear and erotic performance pieces. Alchimia is not for the nebbish or faint of heart.

Publication Date: 1988

Publisher: Rikuyo-sha Publishing, Inc. / Taco Verlagsgesellschaft und Agentur mbH

Details: Softcover. 213pp. 1 page is fused together, hence the price.

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