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The Posters, prints and paintings of Michael English (1966 to 1979)

Michael English was the British chameleon pop-culture producer, so its kind of remarkable that his last name was actually English! 

In December 1966 English met Nigel Waymouth, part-owner of that most avant-garde of London’s boutiques, ‘Granny Takes a Trip’, in King’s Road.  A total master in numerous styles, he had a knack for clueing in on the zeitgeist moment.  This book shows his moving taste from the ‘underground’ London scene toward the slick commercialism of the 1970’s, pre-empting the greed of the 1980’s. English’s talent with the airbrush combined with a sophisticated visual language, displays his total control over realism.

Publication date: 1980

Publisher: Perigee Paper Tiger, Putnam Publishing group

Details: Softcover. 1st Perigee printing. 107p.

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