Dirt on Delight: Impulses that form Clay


Organised by Ingrid Schaffner and Jenelle Porter.

This was the exhibition that kicked it all off! It would have been magical to see in IRL, but the catalogue is brilliant also.

The attention artists have been paying to ceramics goes back further than just the last three years. Ron Nagle had been killing it for years, and the same goes for the AMAZING Jeffry Mitchell. This exhibition brought artists into a new context, it recognized the freedom of clay to create sculpture, and dragged it away from the traditionalists. The curators recognized the zeitgeist moment, Ceramics were the NEW/OLD hot topic.

You got the old dudes – Robert Arneson who has been copied to the max recently. New blood – Ruby Sterling, playing around with alchemy. And the mind-bending work from Kathy Butterly, who has taken up where Ken Price left off. George Ohr still stands the test of time. He would of probably thought it was pretty brilliant to be in such a high-brow exhibition.

Publication date: 2009

Publisher: Institute of Contemporary Art/Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Details: Scarce. Softcover. 112pp.

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