Christo: The Running Fence Project


One half of the artist’s, Christo put it simply: “Running Fence can be described very simply: 40 kilometers of luminous white fabric running over the hills between the ocean and Highway 101”. Indeed both Christo and Jeanne-Claude always denied that their projects contain any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic impact. Of course, these epic works are awe-inspiringly grand and beautiful but what impresses us the most is the incredible amount of planning and work that goes into their construction. The work was a massive engineering enterprise: 2,050 panels of nylon fabric supported by cables and 18-foot-high steel poles placed about 62 feet apart. It was the culmination of four years work and an outlay of over 3 million dollars, financed by the artists themselves through the sale of drawings and other works. In total the Running Fence stood for 14 days before being removed by builders, leaving no visible trace. This beautiful book shows in spectacular photographs the gigantic venture, from planning to completion.

Publication date: 1980

Publisher: Abrams

Details: Softcover. Revised Edition. Unpaginated.

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