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A brilliant book by one of THE most brilliant avant-garde Pop Artists ever. The creator of the famous Girl Table in'69 (appropriately enough) from a series titled "Women as Furniture", Allen Jones' work is notorious for being simultaneously hyper-erotic and extremely chauvinistic. To call it fetishistic is a major understatement. We'd have to invent a new word for it! And while we're at it, we need a new word in order to properly describe how incredible this book is! A visual feast (to say the least) of photographs, drawings, film excerpts and montage, including unrealized designs for Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange", and a video fantasy for German television, “Manner Wir Kommen” it's truly, deliriously fantastic!

Publication date: 1971

Publisher: Matthew Miller Dunbar & Edizioni O

Details: Hardcover. No dustjacket as issued. 1st Edition. 96p.

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