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Volker Hinz: A-R-E-A Photographs


Forget the hype around trying to get into Berghain, AREA was far more exclusive and cray-cray. It existed for only 4 years in the mid-80s, yet people are still going on about it! Yeah yeah, we’re jealous because it did look incredible. True story: Every six to eight weeks the owners (The Goodes, Azari, and Hausman) would completely renovate the club’s interior in the space of three days with the assistance of thirty helpers, costing up to $60,000. OMFG. But if you’re going to do it, then do it high on cocaine. AREA’s success was driven by single-mindedness and collaboration. Stick to a theme and go all out. So the “Natural History” theme carried guests off to a grotto complete with flowing lava (eyebrows rising), swamps, waterfalls, and the dance floor was a cage. A cage for wild beasts such as Warhol, Valentino, Prince, Grace Jones, Steve Rubell, and Robert Mapplethorpe. The invitations for the party were sent out in eggshells. We kid you not.

Volker Hinz’s photo-book is a bird’s eye view into the decadence of the era, although painful to study because it will never return in quite the same way.

Publication date: 1990

Publisher: Edition Stemmle

Description: Large format. Softcover. 133p.

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