Chelsea Hotel


Photographs by Claudio Edinger. Introduction by Pete Hamill

“The Chelsea is a hotel whose occupants never seem to sleep, ever worry about getting dressed up, and who conduct their lives as if there were no such thing as the NYPD.”

So proclaimed the Wall Street Journal in the early 1980s—and who could disagree? This book compiles Claudio Edinger’s striking and affectionate black and white portraits of the motley crew filling the rooms of the Chelsea Hotel.

Painters, country music singers, nuns, radio presenters, students, porn stars, mimes, perfumers, croupiers and Suzanne Bartsch.

With contributions William Burroughs, Arthur C. Clarke and Viva, this first edition is as much a historical document as it is a collection of photographs.


Publication date: 1983

Publisher: Abbeville Press, Inc.

Description: First edition. Softcover. 156p.

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