Cape Light


Color photographs by Joel Meyerowitz.

Foreword by Cliffor S. Ackley. Interview by Bruce K. MacDonald. 

“Cape Cod is a one-story place.”

Shot in the Truro-Provincetown area during the summers of 1976 and 1977, these images approach tourist landscapes and beachside scenes with an unusual romantic poignancy. Unlike the kinetic abruptness of Meyerowitz’s urban street photography, here he achieves a quiet poeticism dislodged from concrete understandings of time.

There is pinkish light dancing on the porch. There are naked bodies in the sticky heat of the afternoon. There is more than a little Edward Hopper in the balconies, windows and cresting sunrises. Cape Cod may be a one-story place but its narrative richness is here on full display.

This edition includes a series of interviews between the artist and Bruce K. MacDonald.

Publication date: 1985

Publisher: New York Graphic Society

Description: Softcover. Fourth printing. Unpaginated.


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