Andy Warhol: America


A hard-to-find book, America is a photo-diary, a tour of America by Andy Warhol --  the artist who, arguably most embodies the spirit of the American Dream -- revealing a country of enormous contradictions. From the private worlds of the very rich and very famous; to ordinary people; and the homeless and destitute, Warhol's trusty polaroid camera reveals a touching and astonishing portrait of modern life. And while the photos themselves are strangely beautiful and often poignant, but it's Warhol's words that are the most intoxicating. If you've long written him off as say (as one description amusingly put it): "a mirror, a spinning disco ball reflecting the superficiality and pathos of human existence." this book will change everything.  Deeply personal, it shows Andy at his funniest and most touching.

Publication date: 1985

Publisher: Harper & Row

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. 224p.

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