A Summer's Day


By Joel Meyerowitz

A spectacularly beautiful book by one of our most favourite photographers, Joel Meyerowitz, A Summer’s Day is a photobook about the glorious feeling of summer. Not the harsh, cicada-soundtracked Australian summers, but those romantic American summers in Cape Cod that we thought were only invented for the movies. Evoking an ideal summer’s day, Meyerowitz presents a visual and very sensory experience that takes us from the cool, dewy morning to the blazing heat on the beach, to the luxury of afternoon laziness and the calm that comes with the night. Idyllic doesn’t even begin to describe it but Meyerowitz also tries to put it in words: “A screened porch; a sudden storm passing and leaving that starched, fresh smell in the air; the warm body of a peach in your hand; a freckled girls; the wildness of rose breath in the evening; that slant of light falling on your bed, telling you how late the summer is…” *sigh* can we just live in this book please?

Publication date: 1985

Publisher: Times Books

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition.

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