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H: Christiane F.


If you ever read Go Ask Alice as a pre-teen and secretly wanted to try L.S.D but had no idea where to find it, you will love every page of Christiane F.

Set in West-Berlin during the cold war, landmarks such a Zoo station and Tiergarten are frequented by disillusioned teenagers who want to get out of themselves. This is un-put-down-able biography of a baby prostitute who tries desperately to pull her way back to normality during a time of social upheaval.

The movie is highly recommended from Big Ego too. Bowie is involved (he performs live!) in the Wall-divided West Berlin. The streetscapes are bleak and the U-Bahns pretty much the same as today.

There’s also some fantastic style tips in the form of waifish ingénue Natja Brunkhorst in the lead role as underage junkie-prostitute, Christiane F.

Publication date: 1983

Publisher: Corgi

Details: Very Rare. Paperback. 300pp.

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