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Adventure Playgrounds


Full title: Adventure Playgrounds: A Personal Account of Play-Leader's Work.

By Jack Lambert as told to Jenny Pearson.

"So if they give you a space of your own and say you can do what you can what you like with it, the obvious thing is to build. And light fires. And cook things. And brew hot drinks with pans and kettles. In fact, do all the things you can't do elsewhere." This from the author, Jack Lambert, the progressive designer of Adventure Playgrounds in Denmark and England.

The Adventure Playground grew out of a movement dedicated to children's freedom of expression in an outdoor environment, and the children's involvement in using tools and materials to adapt and construct on the outdoor space. This book promotes this idea of unrestrained freedom, encouraging initiative and creativity as an important phase of a child's development. It is exciting to read about these possibilities when you think of all the ugly, plastic, totally soulless kid's playground – that are more or less shoved into miniscule patches of land – in today's new housing developments. The photographs are excellent too, showing Adventure Playgrounds in the making.

Publication date: 1974

Publisher: Penguin Books

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. 176p. Scarce title.

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