United States


By Laurie Anderson.

Over two long nights in February 1983, avant-garde artist and musician Laurie Anderson presented her magnum opus ‘United States Live’ at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The performance-art piece included spoken word vignettes, musical numbers and animated scenes, all circling the amorphous topic of contemporary American life.

The following year, the general public was given retroactive access to this event through the release of a live recording of Anderson’s performance, initially released as a box set of five records. This accompanying book allowed the listener to experience ‘United States Live’ as the multimedia presentation it truly was. Here the frenetic energy of Anderson’s photography sits alongside complete - and often bilingual - transcriptions of her exclamations and incantations.

We recommend that you lie down for an afternoon or two, book in hand and record playing, and experience the real America - as Laurie intended.

Publication Date: 1984
Publisher: Harper & Row
Details: Softcover. First edition. 231 pp.

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