Kings Way: The Beginnings of Australian Graffiti


By Duro Cubrilo, Martin Harvey and Karl Stamer.

Very scarce copy of this out-of-print title, Kings Way is a brick of a book. Three hundred and seventy one pages documenting a decade of graffiti works in Melbourne from ’83 - ’93. Many of these pieces are now gone, worked over, or its surface demolished. Some were only seen by a lucky few before being cleaned up within the day. Artists and crews like The End is Near, Wiz Kid, Choice Cuts, Zoltan, Worm, Back Street Boogie and Wild Childs tagged flashy writings that were a big departure from the political and satirical scrawls as photographed by Rennie Ellis in the 70s. This was the 80s, and a new generation of kids - taking their cues from hip-hop and breakdancing - were thirsty for new ways to express themselves with the spray can.

Publication date: 2009

Publisher: The Miegunyah Press

Description: Hardcover. No dust jacket as issued. 371p.

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