Domus Moda 1: 1981


You know a book is rare as hell when you can’t find it for sale anywhere online! Sure, this isn’t technically a book – but it may as well be – after all, only 2 issues were ever published! Why are all the best things giveth and then taketh away? Picture this: the magical year is 1981. Gio Ponti has just handed over Domus’ editorship reins to the great Alessandro Mendini, who in turn enlists one of the most mind-boggling team ever to create this fashion-cum-design-and-architecture publication from hell! *Deep breath* Graphics by Sottsass and art direction by Studio Alchimia, with texts by Barbara Radice, Franco Raggi, Paola Navone, Anna Piaggi and Andrea Branzi. Aieeee! Did we mention there were only two… TWO issues ever published and this is issue ONE? You're welcome.

Publication date: 1981

Publisher: Domus

Description: Issue 1. Extremely rare. 62p.

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