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Fantastic Architecture


"Personal and Eccentric Visions" by Michael Schuyt and Joost Elffers.

Some buildings resemble a birthday cake, a manicured finger or a newly sprouted mushroom. Others are rendered from driftwood and discarded porcelain dolls. Some buildings are sandcastles and ice sculptures. Some buildings never get built at all.

This book catalogues both historical and contemporary feats of ostentatious masonry and ambitious construction, featuring realised and projected experiments alike. Here sits a home made entirely from glass bottles, its walls pock-marked like a glossy beehive. Here lies a garden with topiary of an eccentric, animalistic variety.

With over 360 illustrations, Fantastic Architecture comprises both familiar and typically unseen buildings from across the world. Welcome to a world of dreams and prophecies, of obscure eccentrics and established visionaries. Wipe your feet.

Publication Date: 1980
Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. First edition. 248 pp.

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