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Engelbert Kremser: 1967 – 1977


Engelbert Kremser. We never heard of him before discovering this book and now we won’t be able to forget (or “unsee” as the kids say) his visionary “earthworks”. It is the stuff dreams are made of. His undulating organic forms – sometimes made of steel, glass and concrete – are so beautiful, so breathtaking. It’s like architecture made by aliens.

Our faves are his children's playgrounds that remind us of Niki de Saint Phalle's tarot garden, minus the mosaics. But best of all are the collages he made using photographs of buildings that annoyed him (primarily modern ‘boxes’) around the affluent suburb of Berlin – Charlottenburg, replacing them with his own idea - his alternate reality. We would kill to live in a town of his imagination!

Publication date: 1977

Publisher: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein

Description: Softcover. Catalog of the exhibition 1977 in Berlin and 1978 in Braunschweig and Aachen. 111p.

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