Architecture and Interiors

Dome Builder's Handbook No. 2


By William Yarnall.

With a Directory of Manufacturers by Andrew Ralph and William Yarnall.

Obsessed with dome homes and wondering how the hell they were made? Want to bite the bullet, move to the mountains and make yourself a geodesic dream dome? With this handbook it’s totally possible – with just rudimentary carpentary skills to construct a dome building, or at least evaluate the possibilities and probabilities of attempting such a project. It includes useful info, architectural drawings and even blueprints for builders on how to design and construct your very own dome. And for the dome enthusiast there are a myriad photographs and illustrations as well as a history, from the ancients to Buckminster Fuller and beyond.


Publication date: 1978

Publisher: Running Press

Description: Softcover, folio size. 1st edition. 126p.

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